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If you are eager to practice the Russian Language online, this website is the best choice for you. Learn Russian with adapted stories, tests, dictations and worksheets in levels, made by a certified teacher Olya D.

Why should you Practice the Russian Language online here?

The useful content will dive you into the language study and slake your curiosity. The podcast and blog sections explain a lot about the history of Russian speaking countries around the past USSR and the cultural habits of their people.

Moreover, you will know how to reduce the accent and correct the pronunciation of Russian words. Read more great tips on practicing the Russian Language in some useful articles written by the other professional teachers.

What’s the main goal of the Practice Russian project?

Russian practice
Practice Russian Language online

Firstly, the website ‘Russian practice’ helps you improve your Russian. Secondly, it join people who are excited to know more about linguistics.

Practicing the Russian Language online expands your possibilities to learn the language on your own. The useful content will provide you materials in grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading and listening activity.

This project encourages you to practice the language using different popular methods. To improve it faster you can join the Russian course from a beginner to A2.

So welcome to the Russian Practice!

Here you can learn Russian though:

  • dictations,
  • podcasts,
  • worksheets,
  • stories in Russian,
  • tests and etc.

In other words you will find a lot exploring the pages. Students around the world are fond of learning Russian as the second or third language. If you haven’t read Pushkin or Tolstoy you haven’t lived. The Russian Language opens so many doors for you. Therefore, speaking the Russian Language will help you communicate with your partner, get promotion or simply do your business. You can reach a lot just practicing it every day.